Upcoming Change of Entity

In our efforts to comply with EU legislation regarding GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), we hereby inform you of a change in the legal entity status of ABC.

In our efforts to comply with EU legislation regarding GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), we hereby inform you of a change in the legal entity status of ABC.

Since ABC and cargo-partner are using the same external IT system, continuing operations under two separate legal entities would represent a considerable risk with regard to GDPR.

This change will cause a considerable reduction of administrative workload and prevent the disadvantage of having to cut separate deals with carriers, who did not always allow ABC access to cargo-partner procurement. Further, it will simplify our cooperation, take out complexity in our day-to-day dealings, and strengthen competitiveness.

Therefore, as of May 14th, ABC will operate as a division rather than a sister company of cargo-partner. The biggest change affecting you is that a new profile needs to be created in your system to reflect the following wording (based on the example of the HQ office of ABC in Austria):

cargo-partner GmbH
Division ABC Air-Sea Cargo
Airportstrasse 1
2401 Fischamend, Austria

  • Transport orders received after May 14th will be conducted under the above entity.
  • The above wording will appear in all transport documentation such as House and Master Bills.
  • Communication with you and clients will continue to be done under the ABC e-mail domain.
  • Tracking and other SPOT functionalities will continue to operate as usual.
  • ABC invoices to you will bear the above wording for all business started after May 14th.
  • In turn, invoices to ABC must bear the above wording for us to be acceptable in our accounting systems.
  • Precise details of new VAT numbers, account numbers and IBAN codes will be sent to you by May 7th.
  • All business started under the old regime will be finalized by the old regime, including invoices and payments.
  • Regarding the Agency Agreement, we will contact you in due course with a new agreement.
  • All presently valid quotations from ABC to you will be honored by cargo-partner GmbH, Division ABC Air-Sea Cargo.

Here is an overview of what will change:

ABC Old (until May 14th)
as separate legal entity
ABC New (from May 14th)
as trademark of cargo-partner
Two legal entities per countryOne legal entity per country
Invoicing: ABC legal entityInvoicing: cargo-partner legal entity
Separate purchasingUnified, stronger purchasing
Separate companySeparate trademark and brand
One owner
One external IT system (SPOT)
Separate management
Shared IT, Accounting, Operations

In case of questions or need for clarification, kindly address these to ABC HQ using the following e-mail address: lubos.lukac@abc-airsea.com

We look forward to a continued, prosperous business relationship to our mutual benefit.

Lubos Lukac / Corporate Manager ABC
T: +43 5 9888 11466

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